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The New Currency for Your Future Career Success: Relevancy

Speaking with our clients, we often emphasise the importance of staying relevant. We strongly believe that “relevancy” will become one of the most often-used words in management areas, including HR, marketing, sales, finance, operations, and others.

Wherein Lies the Problem?

The source of that shortcoming is what we call, “learning capability deficit.” In 2017, we published The Coming Age of Accelerated Learning. Our purpose was to explain the reality that if people and organisations did not accelerate their learning capability, they were doomed to stay irrelevant and lag behind future competition. Our proposed framework and model for accelerated learning ensured readers that accelerated learning is only achievable through learning about one’s self. Any other attempt would result in wasted resources and unnecessary pain, with tremendous hidden costs to the individual, the community, society, and employers.

A Simple Framework for Change and How to Remain Relevant

The future, however, is not bleak for anyone who is willing to learn. Whether as an individual or organisation, one can be progressive by making an effort to remain more relevant through this simple framework for change:

  • Identify and eliminate the main source for what you no longer want.
  • Establish and secure the sustainability of the future environment that you want.

The Bottom Line: Relevancy

The key message is simple: Employers and clients will consider you to be simply irrelevant, if you stop learning new things and do not accelerate your learning capability. Irrelevant people or organisations think they know everything by “only” repurposing what they already know and refusing to learn new things.

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