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How to Accelerate Your Career: 25 Essential Tips

Start With Developing the Right Mindset

Ali Kursun
15 min readMar 16, 2023


Tip # 1: Develop the Right Mindset

What Is: The Now Mindset

In today’s world, the most popular mindset is the Now mindset. People do not even think about the future when it arrives, but instead react to the future when it comes. This mindset is detrimental to anyone who depends on long-term planning and development.

What Was: The Past Mindset

The Past mindset can be one of the most comfortable or uncomfortable mindsets, with many people failing (consciously or not) to escape it. Being stuck in the past blocks the individual from moving forward in a positive way.

What Will Be: The Future Mindset

The Future mindset is the one we humans lack the most. We perceive the future as very difficult and undesirable because it is a big unknown. Many problems we face today — in business, the environment, relationships, and, to some degree, in technology transformations — result from not having a Future mindset.

The Solution

The Future mindset must work in tandem with the Past and Now, to understand what happened, what is happening, and what can happen. All three mindsets need to be in balance, with no one dominating a person’s choices.

Tip # 2: Focus on Building Only Trusted Networks

In your personal or professional life, to achieve sustainable and lasting relationships that support you whenever needed, you must opt for “trusted networks.” Without trust, your so-called “network” is simply worthless.

Be mindful with whom you connect. If your networking is relevant to your career in terms of exchanging ideas and expanding business development, be sure to create a network with individuals who are either recommended or whom you know you can trust for honest feedback and dialogue.

Be wary of solely connecting people who “like” you, who share mutual respect and affection, as they are more likely to only offer positive feedback. Individuals with very different ideas and opinions can provide a decided advantage by prompting you to reconsider…



Ali Kursun

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