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6 Pillars of Stellar Leadership

The definition of leadership is evolving at a rapid pace as change drives every aspect of business. Evolution in technology, consumer behaviour, employee expectations, and stakeholder management all force leaders to modify the way they lead others around them. Therefore, the need to upgrade leadership skills is increasingly becoming not only a necessity but also a requirement in every organisation to sustain successful outcomes.

Building on the 6 Pillars

With a solid foundation in place — incorporating self-knowledge, compassion, clarity, transparency, credibility, and curiosity — stellar leaders can lead by example. Their efforts can transform a mediocre, just-surviving organisation into a state-of-the-art industry leader that optimises the talents of every individual. True leaders do not concern themselves with simply being “boss” but rather with a clear understanding of what it means to “lead.” A boss does not engender loyalty and top effort; a true leader does.

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