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3 Principles of Sustainable Career Growth

Motivated people seek career growth, not stagnation. But even motivated and engaged employees may not know how best to achieve that growth for the long-term. Just wishing and dreaming about the perfect job is not the solution. It takes effort, a solid strategy, intelligence, and focus. The following three principles offer a practical starting point toward reaching your goal of whatever you envision for a sustainable and satisfying career path — no matter your field of expertise.

  • Or, the undiscovered employee meets the big boss at an event, the boss is impressed, and, suddenly, the formerly undiscovered employee is promoted and becomes one of the most important leaders at the firm.

People Need a Strategy, Not Isolated Advice

The bottom line is simple: it is much easier to develop a narrative about how others succeeded in their career in the past than what is most probably going to happen in the future specifically for you.

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