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25 Essential Leadership Tips

Ali Kursun
29 min readJul 24, 2023


Tip # 1: Identify the Type of Leader You Are — Or Want to Be

There are four general types of leadership personalities, each of which can have specific implications for your organisation:

  1. “Don’t Rock the Boat” leaders provide acceptable stable growth and deliver results according to agreed-upon plans and budgets. This leader type does not drastically drive significant transformation, innovative initiatives, or exceed objectives. Instead, such leaders deliver acceptable returns from a safe and stable operation year after year.
  2. “Perfectionist” leaders are strategic but move slowly while considering all the innumerable potential probabilities of impact on a transformation initiative that could change the company’s direction. Often taking too much time to decide and implement change initiatives, they risk staying behind the curve.
  3. “No Strategy” leaders drive change regardless of the impact on the company’s strategy, goals, and vision. Swamped with many small change projects, such leaders often feel overwhelmed with the effort required to bring projects to a successful end. This leader type excels in putting out fires and responding to short-term crises. Desiring to look progressive and proactive, they succeed in looking busy.
  4. “Leaders Who Rock” possess the ability to drive major transformational change and innovative initiatives and lead others — not with assumed authority, but due to their convincing vision and highly compelling ideas and insights about the business. They are not afraid of failure and are willing to take highly complex, yet calculated, risks. Great listeners and experts on knowing to whom they should listen, they spread wisdom and are champions of knowledge sharing. They move fast, relentlessly, with accurate information, and super focus on the best outcome for all — interested in building the best, most profitable, and sustainable businesses for the future.

Which type are you?

Tip # 2: Make Sure the Leadership Role Fits Your Style

Unfortunately, it is still common to give leadership roles to people who are not ready for the position and its accompanying responsibilities. When that occurs, the probability remains significantly high that the person will not be able to handle the…



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